Rebecca’s yoga classes are like a journey through a zen garden. The beauty of her words makes my body love every pose so much more while she puts my mind to rest.
— Mandy, Costa Rica

I love how Rebecca creates a safe atmosphere of cooperation and support, consistently reminds us that yoga is not a competition and to listen to our own bodies. I love how she makes a conscious effort to really know us as students; as she cares for each of us and our well being. Rebecca always ends class with a thought provoking quote or poem that inspires me.
— Jill, Bellingham, WA

Wherever you are in your practice, Rebecca will meet you there. Her skillful, down to earth teaching style encourages you to go deeper into the subtle body layers; leaving you feeling that have learned something new about yourself. Rebecca’s beautiful chanting voice sets a tone for class while honoring the tradition of yoga.
— Cherie, 500 CYT, Idaho Springs, CO

I have been participating in yoga classes with Rebecca for two years. She motivates students to reach to inner depths physically, emotionally and spiritually. She helps us make the connections to our lives, so we can implement yogic practices throughout the day. She is open in sharing how she also works with this daily. I experience her as a conscious and caring teacher.
— Pat, Everson, WA

As an instructor, Rebecca is a highlight of our yoga studies at the YMCA in Bellingham. She helps us apply what we learn as yogis to every facet of our lives with humor, self reflection and solid understanding of the human body. She cares about everyone in the room, every butt on the mat. We know it, we feel it.
— Carol and Chris, Portland, OR

Rebecca has a unique style of teaching; it is love and challenge and humor and knowing what we seem to need all wrapped together. I am always a better person when I leave her classes.
— Darin, San Jose, CA

Rebecca has helped me glean more from my yoga practice. Her cuing for postures are so clear that I finally feel like I’m “doing things right”. She makes everyone feel welcomed and encouraged. I love the addition of readings, poetry and quotes. Her classes are just a super experience; thoughtful and beyond the norm for a yoga class.
— Kirsten, Bellingham, WA

Rebecca’s classes are a journey through your body and heart. You leave feeling like you could conquer the world, but you would rather give it a hug instead.
— Hadja, Austin, TX

Thank you Rebecca. I am so grateful to you for the knowledge, implementation and compassion you bring to your teaching. Our workshop this weekend was a perfect example of the whole heartedness you bring to this yoga community. I left class feeling content and peaceful, dare I say, blissful!, and I am still enjoying the effect. You are a natural. A teacher, a giver, a helper and companion on this road to happiness. Even your own insecurities are helpful, making you more accessible and real. With much gratitude.
— Kim, Everson, WA

Renew thyself completely each day; do it again, and again, and forever again.
— Thoreau