I have a new space for teaching in Bellingham. I’ll be at Prime Sports on State Street for some classes and a workshop style series. Click here to explore Prime Sports.

Workshops/ Series

Fall in Love with Yoga

Consider this series of you are curious about yoga, unsure about the practice, or uncomfortable in the studio setting. Get excited about this offering if you have wanted some foundation in yoga that you never received. Come join me if you want to deeper dive; if you love to learn about yourself, and are ready to establish a regular, consistent practice on your own.

We will work with the different facets of the practice; asana (movement), pranayama (breath), yamas and niyamas (right actions), dhyana (meditation). We will add some devotion with chanting; listening is all you have to do!

We will begin the week of September 16th and go through the week of October 21st. I am working out the details of which day; most likely Thursdays. Time 5:30-7pm. Investment is $30 for individual classes or $150 for the series. I encourage you to consider the whole series as the classes will build upon one another.

You will be able to register through Prime Sports; on their website. Or you can contact me directly.