I have always loved to move, to be coached in movement, and to study movement.  For me, movement is a springboard to greater confidence, creativity, reflection, and personal understanding.  I often forget myself in movement, wrapped up in the joy of it. I also love learning; and am particularly drawn to spiritual, psychological, and metaphysical matters.

At just the right moment in my life, yoga appeared.  I was surprised by my own curiosity for the practice; confined to this little mat, mostly indoors. and slower moving than other activities I enjoy.  But yoga contains a richness that appeals to my interests; tradition, study, reflection, devotion, mind and body synthesis, and finely nuanced movement.  The practice has captivated me. I continue to experience joy, challenge, surprise, and transformation. 

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Wholeness is preceded by faith, energy, mindfulness, union, and awareness.
— Yoga Sutra 1:20