I have always loved to move, to be coached in movement, and to study movement.  For me, movement is a springboard to greater confidence, creativity, reflection, and personal understanding.  I often forget myself in movement, wrapped up in the joy of it. I also love learning; and am particularly drawn to spiritual, psychological, and metaphysical matters. 

At just the right moment in my life, yoga appeared.  I was surprised by my own curiosity for the practice; confined to this little mat, mostly indoors. and slower moving than other activities I enjoy.  But yoga contains a richness that appeals to my interests; tradition, study, reflection, devotion, mind and body synthesis, and finely nuanced movement.  The practice has captivated me. I continue to experience joy, challenge, surprise, and transformation.

I am a householder yogi.  I do not live for yoga, in the way an ascetic yogi would, but rather yoga lives me... or lives for me.  Yoga is a lifestyle that helps prepare and inspire me, in body, mind, and spirit, for higher possibilities.  The more I study, the deeper I dive, the broader I explore, the greater the gifts.  Asana, physical postures, has been a natural portal for me into the practice of yoga. I recognize that this is also true for many of my students.

I teach alignment. I teach alignment in the body for the purpose of greater understanding of limitations or imbalances around stability and mobility.  I teach alignment energetically for the purpose of moving energy efficiently.  I teach alignment of mind and heart and encourage balance between outer and inner sensibilities. As I have deepened my own yoga practice to include all aspects of the 8 limbs of yoga, I have brought my increased awareness to my teaching.  I love working with the breath as prana, and the exploration of the subtle body energies.  I use meditation, yogic texts and poetry as inspiration and invitation.  I teach from a place of devotion and gratitude; for the practice, and for the human beings sitting in the room with me.  I am deeply committed to more wholeness; for myself, others and this planet. I am in fierce pursuit of truth and transcendence.


My journey on the yoga path has given me incredible insights and experiences. I feel strongly that this demands action from me; and this is why I choose to teach yoga.  I am masterful at holding a generous space for those who study with me.  I do this with compassion, inspiration, and humor.  I have the ability to observe where a student may need to bring stability, or release rigidity, or change a pattern of holding in their body.  I also have a keen sense of how much to challenge.  I am skillful at creating an experience for students where they gain self efficacy in their practice. Most importantly perhaps is that I am committed to being a student as well.  I study and refine.  I challenge my own assumptions.  I am in this practice for life. I look forward to sharing my passion and joy with you.


I live my life in widening circles that reach out across the world.
— Rilke

RYT- 200 hour accreditation with Yoga Alliance

200 hour teacher training;  June 2013, Samadhi Yoga, Denver Colorado.

100 hours Anusara Training, Boulder, CO. 2011

500+ hours yoga teaching experience since 2103

35 years of teaching/moving bodies.

Outdoor educator for 20 years; climbing, snowboarding, skiing, backpacking.

Continuing education with Prajna Yoga; Tias and Surya Little, Santa Fe, NM.  Will complete an additional 300 hours of training.

Consistent personal practice: 18 years

Teaching yoga to others in a formal capacity: 10 years.  StudioB, Evergreen, CO. The Yoga Room, Idaho Springs, CO. Whatcom YMCA, Bellingham, WA.  Workshops and retreats in WA and internationally.